Yen-Yi Lee

Yen-Yi Lee

Yen-Yi Lee is an award-winning Taiwanese underwater photographer with endless passion for the ocean. He was certified as a scuba diver and started underwater photography at 2011, and is now a dive master.

He is so fascinated by the mystery of the ocean and what becomes part of his life is to discover the ocean with his camera. He likes to observe the relationship between the marine lives, ocean, and human beings. He always commits himself to create a unique and artistic reflection of what he sees through his eyes and his lens - to capture the beauty of the world and share it with people,  and remind people the importance and urgency of marine conservation. Besides underwater photography, he also loves landscape and wildlife photography.

His works have been published in many publications, and he is the winner of many prestigious international underwater photography competitions, including championships of ADEX 2015 and DRT 2012 (both of them are among the largest dive and travel show in Asia); gold medals of Beneath the Sea 2016 (America’s Largest Consumer Scuba and Dive Travel Show) and Deep Indonesia 2016 (hosted by the world’s largest underwater photography forum, Wetpixel).



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